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Drabble // Hellfire

Challenge for kh_drabble: [124] Traditions
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Title: Hellfire
Word Count: 368
Spoilers: No spoilers, but post KH2
Notes: This came out way darker than I intended.

"...and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables." II Timothy 4:4

Morbid acknowledgement of his situation coupled with searing rage for the monster in front of him was overwhelming enough for tears to sting at Sora’s eyes.

“Ah”, the Judge said, extending a thumb and touching the tear, then streaking it across Sora’s face. “I am witnessing the only real emotion a person of… your kind… can experience. Tell me boy, are you afraid of death? Are you afraid of the fiery pit, and your eternal damnation?”

Sora struggled fiercely against his bindings. The Keyblade lay useless on the ground at his feet, and he found he was unable to even grip it, as his hands were bound tightly together and to the stake behind him. Sora lowered his head.

He could only vaguely remember how he had arrived at his current dilemma. He stood in the way of the Judge when he had ordered his men to capture a woman Sora had befriended when he first arrived. Sora recalled waving his arm at her, Keyblade in hand, ordering her to run while he prepared to fend off her pursuers. Four men on horseback- the one that Sora remembered in particular was completely concealed by a large cloak- surrounded him. The cloaked man must have been the one to strike him down; all he could remember was flashing images of the pale, deathly-looking horse approaching, a sudden explosion of pain in his head-

“Well? Have you nothing to say, gypsy?” Judge Frollo rubbed his thumb and forefinger together, as if studying the teardrop. “No matter. You have no voice here. The tears of an outcast like you are like acid on the fingers of the holy.”

Sora suddenly remembered something Esmeralda had mentioned earlier. He raised his head and grinned at Frollo. “God will help the outcasts.”

Frollo’s eyes widened in surprise, then his face contorted into anger as he reached behind him to take the torch from a soldier. “Boy, this is your beginning and your end”, Frollo proclaimed, raising the torch above his head, “Your witchcraft and key are useless in the eyes of the Lord, for I hold the real keys of hell and death!”

Fire may have burned at Sora’s feet, but he continued smiling.
Tags: fanfic, khdrabble, kingdom hearts, sora
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